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Guvambwa, International conference
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Guvambwa is one of the biggest gathering of the AAC leadership across of the country. Other Church leaders from countries like South Africa, United Kingdom (Great Britain),  Zambia, Angola,Mozambique and Dubai are also encouraged to attend this gathering as the focus is always on the leadership qualities.

The local churches start their preparation as early as two months ensuring that the landscape is cleared of any landscape is cleared of any obvious foreign objects. Public toilets electricity and safe water is running well.

Right from the moment the conference officially opens, everyone begins to feel a strong sense of belonging to the tabernacle and it really seems like a new home. Guvambwa is a place you can experience almost a pure worship service in solitude, which allows you to spiritually engage with heavenly Spirit- the Holy Spirit. In the history of the AAC this is place where mostly of miraculous phenomena’s have been witnessed including heavenly angelic stars display in a broad day light witnessed by all.

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