IMG-20140926-WA0000The African Apostolic Church is named after the calling of the (voice) word of God – the Holy Spirit. In 1957 the voice was heard from above saying “The African Apostolic Church, Va-Apostora VeAfrica”. At that time the church was not yet there as the people were only still worshiping in their respective churches, but ahead of them was the Holy Spirit who worked many wonders and signs and also led them into a new dimension of knowing Christ, who is the whole truth. The name is only denoting the origin of the church but principally the church has the mandate to reach out to the whole world and everyone is invited to share in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church was formally started in 1959 after the Arch Bishop Ernest Paul received a clear and vivid message from the Holy Spirit commenced the ministry as a church.

The commission opened a new chapter, an ordinance of God to be applied to all people of all races, people from diverse backgrounds socially, academically, politically and financially. Certainly, the gospel would aid  the rediscovery of the lost culture – (human’s Godly culture), with the key principles of adherence to one God the creator of heaven and earth.

The Church remains under the counsel of the Holy Spirit who provides believers with their best option for salvation- a divine route to Jesus Christ and out of danger.”The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundandantly” John10:10.

Paul Mwazha is the Arch Bishop of The African Apostolic Church, he received his calling in 1951 when he heard the voice of the Lord calling him, which he answered the call in his prayer communicating with God saying, ‘Lord I heard your voice calling me’. Moreover, in the same period he also heard the voice of the Lord calling again saying , “Who shall we sent, who for us shall go?”, yet he answered again in his prayer of gratitude to the Lord, saying O’ Lord I had your voice saying “Who shall we sent who for us shall go?”. I am here Lord, sent me to your people beginning in Africa, then the rest of the world if be it your will Lord.

Prior to his commissioning, the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Paul Mwazha on several occasions until this day for more than seven times.In his first encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ in 1934,upon his sleep in a divine revelation, he was on top of a rocky mountain and he heard a voice to saying him , “Behold the apostles of Jesus.” When he looked yonder he saw African men clad in white gowns singing hymns to the Lord while standing under a lush green tree. Upon looking slightly to the south, he saw our Lord Jesus Christ sitting inside a rock with an open book in His hands while his countenance was facing towards north. Paul exclaimed “Ah Lord!” and he began to descend from that rocky height. This happened on the holy mountain of Guvambwa near Sadza Growth Point in Chikomba District, Zimbabwe.

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