”My blessed gospel to the nations”


It was quite a refreshing moment to be counted among the assembly of the saints in Kenya , Nyahururu in the Land of the Kikuyus. Following the last two visits to Kenya, the saints at Nyahururu were waiting eagerly for over a year praying and fasting for the servants of God to be sent forth to them – leaders in the African Apostolic Church. Surely, the Lord had been so merciful to grant us a free passage to get them on the third mission. Not only were we able to come as a mission group but God has been so gracious and provided one Evangelist with an occupation to remain in Kenya and support the flock.
”The mission must be undertaken relentlessly; preach the glory of the name of Jesus, and His amazing power of redemption” The mission was a great success, the saints were very much encouraged by the word of exhortation and prophesy.




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